Sunday, January 16, 2011

Puzzle Race - Trying it out.....and Competition Rules and Format

Tonight I did my first trial of a jigsaw puzzle race with my wife.  I completed a 100 piece puzzle in 13:02 minutes and my wife completed a 100 piece puzzle in 16:12 minutes.  I have not timed myself at the other sizes of puzzles.  That is where I need your help.  If you try out puzzle racing please let me know the time it took to complete the puzzle.  I am interested in any size of puzzle and either singles (on your own) or doubles times.  Specifically I am looking for times of 100 piece singles, 300 piece singles, 300 piece doubles, and 500 piece doubles.

I have attached a file here: Jigsaw Puzzle Racing that gives you the competition format and rules so that you can have a jigsaw puzzle race in your own location.  If you choose to do a jigsaw puzzle race please let me know when you plan to hold the competition and any other information that would be useful for others looking to participate (contact me at:  After you are done your competition please send in the completion times so that I can post them for other viewers to see.

Thanks...and happy puzzle racing,

Doug Meldrum

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Jigsaw Puzzle Racing Competition

The date of the event is still undetermined.

Location: Toronto, Ontario Canada

Entry Fee: To be determined

The format: teams of 2 will complete a 300 piece puzzle as fast as possible. The top 3 teams will advance to the finals where each team will complete a 500 piece puzzle as fast as possible.

Prizes: The finalists will each receive an award (to be determined)